Vibrational Energy Healing – Reiki – Crystal Therapy – Chakra Balance Adelaide

Reiki Crystal Colour Therapy Sekhem Chakra BalanceTherapeutic treatments to relax and re-balance.

Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Colour Therapy, Angelic Reiki, Sekhem, Crystal Chakra Balance.

The human body has a complex electromagnetic system, also known as a vibrational energy system. Good health and well-being is achieved when this system is clear from energetic blockages – we say that it is in balance.

A vibrational energy healing works to clear any energetic blockages being held within the body and auric field so as to support the body’s own capacity to self-heal. 

Crystals are used in all sessions as the perfect electromagnetic conductors, capable of interacting with our electromagnetic system. Crystals have been found to carry vibrations that can absorb, focus, direct, stimulate or diffuse the energy centers – known as chakras – and energy pathways – known as meridian lines – within our own electromagnetic system, thus having a positive effect on our entire body system.

The body’s electromagnetic system can become blocked through an emotional upset (such as an argument), suffering loss or an accident, fear, anxiety, stress and the like. Blockages can also be carried forward from past lives. Chakras and meridians need to be balanced, clear of blockages, and energised. Illness can occur when they aren’t.

Chakra balance and channelled guidance included in all sessions.

Treatments can be combined with an Angel Tarot reading for additional insights and focus – minimum 1.5hrs needed.

Initial session 1.5hrs $100, follow-up sessions 1hr $80. Available Happy Valley, via distance or locally at your home. 

Appointment availability is posted weekly via the Lotus Star : Embrace Life Facebook page. Please get in touch to request an appointment.

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