Holistic Health and Well-being

Lotus Star : Embrace Life is Your resource for Holistic Health and Well-being.

I promote Holistic Health and Well-being, meaning all levels of the Mind, Body, Spirit are considered. Services include :

Holistic Therapeutic Treatments

Therapeutic treatments to relax and re-balance. 1-2 hour slots available. Treatments can be perfectly combined with a reading beforehand to really help you gain clarity and receive powerful insights. Available from my studio space at Aberfoyle Park or by remote connection from the comfort of your own home :

Spiritual Circles, Groups and Workshops

Join like-minded souls in a safe and nurturing space. None of us need walk this journey alone. The world needs YOU, just as you are. All levels welcome. Most run from Southern Suburbs, Adelaide :

Intuitive Readings

Gain in-depth insights into the energies currently active in your life – receive clear guidance and support. You can ask a question, or request guidance on a particular situation, or simply see what the future may hold for you. Readings carried out in person Adelaide, online directly to your inbox, or via Skype.

What others have kindly said :

‘I would HIGHLY recommend Past Life Regression with Elizabeth, who creates such a safe environment which allows you to journey deep into your cellular memory. I’m still blown away by the incredible release and healing I was gifted during our recent session. You are amazing Elizabeth!! Thank you.’

‘So much more is seeping into consciousness… a wonderful awakening. Truly indebted. Thank you.’

‘Feeling very calm, which is unusual for a day like today at work. Its amazing!’

‘Elizabeth is a gifted healer and gorgeous soul. If you are in need of some guidance or a pick me up….book in.’

‘Thank you, thank you,  thank you for today’s session. I feel amazingly fantastic. I still can’t believe how quickly it worked. I had only ever had Reiki without crystals, etc…. it was good but nothing like this. I am so, so grateful.’

‘Time went so fast. I feel so much more relaxed and peaceful now. It is fascinating how so many things come up that you notice. Thank you so much. I am very, very grateful.’

‘It was really weird – several things went wrong today, which would normally stress me out, but I’ve been calm about it all day. Incredible!’

‘A real treat awaits you as Elizabeth James is a very talented healer with crystals and I speak from first hand experience.’

‘Elizabeth James is truly gifted and shares her gifts with the utmost integrity, wisdom and compassion. Elizabeth is highly intuitive and I can personally sing the praises of her crystal work, past life regressions, Reiki, dowsing, numerological reports and her card readings. Phew!!! The perfect practitioner for people new to these treatments through to those who have been benefiting from them for years. Enjoy!’

‘Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for yesterday. I was out like a light last night.’

‘The podiatrist was very impressed with the improvement of my neuropathy when I saw him this morning.  Thank you a hundred times over.’

You are very welcome here. Namasté – we are one ♥

Appointment availability is posted weekly via the Lotus Star : Embrace Life Facebook page. Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like me to work with you.

You can expect regular articles on anything health and/or spirituality-related and I actively maintain the Lotus Star : Embrace Life Facebook page where you’ll find FREE Weekly Oracle Wisdom mini-readings, regular updates on my work, and a loving community for support and inspiration.