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2016 Oracle Wisdom Guidance

On weekdays I post three FREE Daily Oracle Wisdom mini readings on my Lotus Star : Embrace Life Facebook page. I draw from my many oracle card and angel tarot decks and read from crystals and colour energies also. You are invited to head over and intuitively select a card and return for the revealed message of guidance and support.

It’s a great way to tune into you each day and practice listening to your own intuition – you of course choose the card – I’m simply the messenger. You can set an intention for a reading – perhaps by asking a question and, in general, being aware of the energies at play can also be a great help for re-centering and re-focusing.

I reference my Facebook page as an online ‘Community’ page because I firmly believe that there is great support gained from sharing – both for – and from – me and all who come to this place. Here’s the link again : Lotus Star : Embrace Life Facebook page

Here are the readings from 31st December 2015 – for the new year ahead. My gift to you – enjoy…


2016 Oracle Wisdom – Mini Readings

As we see out the year, what energies are you bringing in for 2016? Simply close your eyes and take a deep breath to recenter. When you open your eyes note which card you are drawn to. Try not to over think it. Your message will be perfectly all you needed to hear.


2016 Oracle Wisdom Guidance from Elizabeth L James Lotus Star Embrace Life


Scroll down for the reveal…


2016 Oracle Wisdom : Thursday 31st December Reveal

Which gifts a message for you as we head into the new year energies… here we ggggoooooooo…

1 : Four of Fire – Contentment, peace and abundance (hooray I hear you cheer!). A happy home life. The successful completion of a project. Perfectly supported by Tiger’s Eye. The perfect approach to a new year I’d say – grounded, whole, inner strength and confidence from knowing self. You’ve worked hard to line things up and you’d better get ready for the pay off because it’s coming! Now no getting cocky with this – which of course you won’t – remember to release the ‘how’ and ‘when’ to divine timing. For now simply know that you’re very much on the right track. GREAT things are coming! Ooze that gratitude as you see out 2015 – give thanks for all the lessons – yes, even the very painful ones. Keep releasing until the very last second and keep that big heart of yours open. You’ve got a lot to give in 2016 – you’re going to help many. Breathe the energy of this message in – head high, stand tall. You are awesome!

2 : Six of Water – Memories from your history or childhood. Issues regarding children. Romanticising the past. Supported by Moonstone. A contemplative and emotional pairing as you reflect on another year passed. Much has happened and you have come far. You’ve grown immensely and most importantly you’ve found your inner joy. Now that you’ve made that connection, work on strengthening its energy – really be sure to do more of what makes you happy. There is always, ALWAYS a choice. You are reminded of the cycle of things – change is inevitable and disappointments only come when we impose an expectation on something. Lessons of flow are important for you as you head into the new year’s energies – simply focus on being present in each moment and remain connected to the breath for centering and groundedness. This will all help you to continue loosening up and having fun, fun, fun. Life was never meant to be hard. Choose lightheartedness, choose joy. Be with people who make you happy. All that no longer serves will simply fall away.

3 : Six of Fire – Victory! Good news is on its way. Public recognition or awards. Supported by Blue Lace Agate. Change is afoot on the physical level – perhaps travel, a new job, new home for you. Either way this will come from a renewed inner confidence – you have received your rites of passage – now what are you waiting for?! Future opportunities are abound and you need but follow the well laid trial now before you. Peace, honour, strength are the keywords for you. Believe in yourself for you already know what you need to do. The start of 2016 may bring an inward journey gifting you the opportunity to build yourself strong – then momentum will take over and things will suddenly move forward. You’ll be well equipped on all levels by this time so be sure to enjoy the ride. You want this remember!? Have the confidence to follow your dreams special one – you have many gifts to share and you make a difference to us all. A celebration is also on the cards for you – enjoy.


2016 Oracle Wisdom Guidance Reveal from Elizabeth L James Lotus Star Embrace Life


My heart swells with gratitude as I gift this work – I also learn and gain so much. Thank your for being here ♥


By Elizabeth James, Lotus Star : Embrace Life, Adelaide

Lotus Star : Holistic Health and Well-being


What others have said:


‘I had a general reading and she (Elizabeth) was spot on with what is happening in my life right now. And I now know what I need to do. Thank you so much.’

‘Elizabeth you are so spot on.. it’s scary. Thank you so so much for my reading you were spot on with everything you said..my heart filled up with joy because you reminded me of some of the things that I have needed reminding of.’

Thank you for the very spot on reading. My business partner and I were just discussing how we needed to clarify our message and streamline. You validated that and we are ready to move on!’

‘It was such an awesome reading with loving advice and encouragement for a situation I have been struggling with that Elizabeth picked up on. Thank You Elizabeth James for this perfect reading!’

‘Elizabeth James is truly gifted and shares her gifts with the utmost integrity, wisdom and compassion. Elizabeth is highly intuitive and I can personally sing the praises of her crystal work, past life regressions, Reiki, dowsing, numerological reports and her card readings. Phew!!! The perfect practitioner for people new to these treatments through to those who have been benefiting from them for years. Enjoy!’

‘Oh it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the explanation… It all makes perfect sense. I still can’t believe I won something so beautiful. Made from the heart. Thank you xx’

‘WOW!! I get feelings from that that I can’t even describe! Thank you so so much!!’

‘Thank you so much Elizabeth! It’s beautiful and really resonates with me – you really touched where I am at… thank you! The words are perfect and your message too!’


Readings are carried out in this present moment in love and light with the intention of providing insight and guidance for only your highest good. You alone are responsible for your future.





Oracle used : ‘Angel Tarot Cards’ by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Featured image : ‘Plum’ card from ‘The Secret Language of Colour Cards’ by Inna Segal.