Soul Art Mandala Readings

Soul Art Mandala Readings channelled and interpreted Adelaide and online Elizabeth James

A Soul Art Mandala is a channelled form of graphical reading that bypasses the conscious mind, and speaks directly to the Soul. Your mandala will be accompanied by a full written interpretation of the symbology held within, as channelled during creation.

You are welcome to choose a particular focus – examples of business, home, child, relationship, the upcoming year – or simply trust that your mandala will reveal whatever magic is needed. 

Several hours goes into hand drawing/painting each mandala and you’ll have the ongoing joy of a beautiful piece of personalised art to enjoy for years to come. Your mandala will be accompanied by a full written interpretation of the symbology held within, as channelled during creation.

I work with the assistance of many spiritual guides and incorporate vibrational crystalline energies, numerology, colour vibration, ancient symbology and so much more in all aspects of my work. Soul Art Mandalas can be incredibly insightful and the written interpretation is there for you to refer back to time and again as you continue to work with and enjoy your mandala. Soul Art Mandalas also make great gifts.

It is my honour to share this work xx Elizabeth xx

Soul Art Mandala Readings Adelaide and online colour samples

A mandala – Sanskrit for ‘circle’ – creates a sacred space which represents wholeness. The form of the mandala is a graphical representation of the center – or Self. It unlocks and bypasses your conscious mind and speaks with your Soul. Mandalas are naturally beautiful to view and great for energizing any space.

Examples of mandalas can be found in all ancient cultures. Working with mandalas can be a very powerful and transformative process. With focus and intention, they act as a powerful meditation tool – making them hugely potent in supporting re-balancing and healing on all levels.

Available with or without framing and worldwide postage is available. Soul Art Mandalas also make wonderful gifts.

Created in ink on high quality card – A4 in size – with a choice of full colour mixed media or ink on black, white or coloured card. Please scroll down for format options, including postage if you need…

Please note readings cancellation policy which you will be asked to accept at time of booking.

Bank details available upon request if you’d prefer to make a direct transfer.

Please check your inbox after placing your order – you will be asked to provide a full name, date of birth and photograph showing the face. Please also indicate whether you’d like a general reading or particular focus for your mandala.

An electronic copy of your mandala and accompanying interpretation will be delivered to your inbox when complete. You can choose to collect the original from Aberfoyle Park, Adelaide or I am of course happy to post for postage costs covered.

Soul Art Mandalas A4 colour framedFraming is available at cost for mandalas being collected only.

Soul Art Mandalas also make wonderful personalised gifts, they are remarkably insightful and great for energizing any space.

What others have kindly said :

‘Oh Elizabeth it is so much more than I expected. It is gorgeous and the reading is undeniably accurate. Thank you so much. I truly love the mandala and cant wait to hang it on my wall.’

‘Oh my Elizabeth you are so incredibly talented. You mention many things that T will align with. I am smiling to myself thinking about her reaction when she receives it, her mandala speaks volumes and has T written all over it. Many blessings to you Elizabeth for such an inspiring gift.’

‘Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for sharing these gifts with the world, it truly is a blessing.’

‘My sincerest thanks for the beautiful mandala and the insights you have provided. It is so spot on. Only this past weekend did I think to myself I needed to focus more on what I want from life. Just wasn’t sure where to begin. Now I know so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.’

‘I have one of these personalised Mandalas and it is stunningly beautiful…It is hand drawn and it has so much detail and it arrives with a full interpretation of me and my journey forward, would recommend you get one you won’t be disappointed.’

‘Can say these personal mandalas are wonderfully unique. I had one done and it was amazing.’

‘Oh it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the explanation… It all makes perfect sense. Made from the heart. Thank you.’

‘WOW!! I get feelings from that that I can’t even describe! Thank you so so much!!’

‘Thank you so much Elizabeth! It’s beautiful and really resonates with me – you really touched where I am at… thank you! The words are perfect and your message too!’

‘I have one myself and bought 3 for gifts for people, they are always stunning and the 2 page reading that Elizabeth sends with it is always right on the mark.’

‘Wow, that took my breath away!’

‘I love your art. So much that I had it tattooed on me!’

‘Elizabeth, I am soo in love! Thank you, thank you, thank you.’

‘My mandala arrived safely & I LOVE it. Thank you so much. Now I simply have to find the perfect place to display it. Again Thank you. I will treasure it and the advice I received always.’

‘What a very insightful and exciting reading – I’m so thankful.’

‘So beautiful, so meaningful. Highly recommend.’

Soul Art Mandala Readings white ink on black samples

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Namasté : I honour the place in you in which the entire Universe dwells, I honour the place in you which is of Love, of Integrity, of Wisdom and of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, we are One.