Gain in-depth insights into the energies currently active in your life – receive clear guidance and support. You can ask a question, or request guidance on a particular situation, or simply see what the future may hold for you. Readings carried out in person Adelaide, online directly to your inbox, or via Skype.

Choose from the following :

Soul Art Mandala Readings
A channelled form of graphical reading that bypasses the conscious mind, and speaks directly to the Soul. Your mandala will be accompanied by a full written interpretation of the symbology held within, as channelled during creation. Choice of format and focus, with framing option. Worldwide postage available. Soul Art Mandalas also make wonderful gifts. Find out more

Tarot and Angel Tarot Readings
Receive in-depth insights and clear guidance around the basis of your situation, including the influences, challenges and a way to resolution. Choice of readings in person – Adelaide – online to your inbox, or via Skype, including 12-month projection readings available. All Tarot and Angel Tarot readings are supported by crystalline Earth energies and for distance online readings, your written report will include visuals of the cards drawn.  Find out more

Crystal Mandala Readings
Insight on a particular situation or question – example : career direction; relationship issue; an emotion; event – or simply a general reading to look at the energies currently influencing your life. Drawing on the wisdom and healing aspects of crystals, stones are intuitively read after being cast onto various mandalas. Crystal Mandala Readings can empower you to move forward with clarity and ease. Find out more

Numerology Reports
Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. Through interpreting the energy of numbers manifest in your life, it is possible to identify a person’s personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, needs, life purpose and more. Everything is energy, and Numerology is the key to translation. Find out more

Full information on each type of reading is available via the links above.

What others have kindly said:

‘I am blown away by your amazing reading. You have such a lovely way of writing, so kind, thoughtful and you explain everything clearly. And wow your in depth knowledge and insight are spot on. This is so helpful to me, I can’t thank you enough.’

‘Wow thank you so much Elizabeth, such a generous amount of information but absolutely, like you said, what I needed to hear.’

‘Elizabeth is such a beautiful soul. I have had a face to face reading and an internet/online reading. Both extremely accurate. Elizabeth makes you feel very relaxed and is easy to listen to. I always feel safe and welcome. I highly recommend her services. Thank you Elizabeth.’

‘I’ve just been lucky enough to benefit from a distance tarot card reading from Elizabeth. I am absolutely blown away! The reading is so very accurate and filled with empowering guidance. Elizabeth explains everything so clearly and takes time to explain anything, should you need it. She presents the reading very clearly and professionally so I have it to refer to whenever I want. I can’t recommend Elizabeth highly enough.’

‘Elizabeth is truly gifted in her readings. Highly recommended.’

‘I can’t thank you enough for your reading and insights… Your reading was beautiful, insightful and accurate and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and have already recommended you to some friends. I will not hesitate to contact you again in the future if I feel a need..’

‘Thank you Elizabeth for the beautiful and precise reading you sent me yesterday. I felt so much care from you as I was reading it which was so reassuring. It fits in perfectly with where I am in my life right now with some tips for the future thank you again.’

‘You have wonderful insight Elizabeth and it is very encouraging to know I am on the right track. Thank you sooooooo much!’

‘I truly thank you for your compassion understanding and support. The reading was very insightful and felt so true in what I needed… You have given me so much sight and guidance and I feel I can begin to move on. Thank you kindly.’

‘I had a reading recently and boy oh boy was Elizabeth clear on what I was doing and where I was going. Her ‘reading’ style is straight forward and very focused and it gave me the clarity I required. super stoked I chose to have this experience.’

‘I had a general reading and she (Elizabeth) was spot on with what is happening in my life right now. And I now know what I need to do. Thank you so much.’

‘Elizabeth you are so spot on.. it’s scary. Thank you so so much for my reading you were spot on with everything you heart filled up with joy because you reminded me of some of the things that I have needed reminding of.’

Thank you for the very spot on reading. My business partner and I were just discussing how we needed to clarify our message and streamline. You validated that and we are ready to move on!’

‘It was such an awesome reading with loving advice and encouragement for a situation I have been struggling with that Elizabeth picked up on. Thank You Elizabeth James for this perfect reading!’

‘Elizabeth James is truly gifted and shares her gifts with the utmost integrity, wisdom and compassion. Elizabeth is highly intuitive and I can personally sing the praises of her crystal work, past life regressions, Reiki, dowsing, numerological reports and her card readings. Phew!!! The perfect practitioner for people new to these treatments through to those who have been benefiting from them for years. Enjoy!’

‘Oh it is so beautiful. Thank you so much for the explanation… It all makes perfect sense. I still can’t believe I won something so beautiful. Made from the heart. Thank you xx’

‘WOW!! I get feelings from that that I can’t even describe! Thank you so so much!!’

‘Thank you so much Elizabeth! It’s beautiful and really resonates with me – you really touched where I am at… thank you! The words are perfect and your message too!’

Readings are carried out in this present moment in love and light with the intention of providing insight and guidance for only your highest good. You alone are responsible for your future.

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