Past Life Regression Therapy – appointment time tbc



A talking therapy whereby a light hypnotic trance state of relaxation is induced using guided imagery. The session is then interactive as we explore together to unlock the priority cell memory of the time, place and situation that is being recalled. 

One or more past life may be accessed during a session and it is important to have no expectation. Each regression is different, and holds great potential of enabling you to discover – and resolve – issues that may be affecting your present-day life. A great sense of clarity can be achieved – the healing can happen – which in turn leads to a calmer, more balanced state.

Past lives help form what each individual is today, and you don’t even need to have a belief attached to reincarnation in order for regression therapy to be effective.

What to expect during a session

After arranging a mutually convenient time you are invited to attend my Aberfoyle Park studio for your session. We’ll begin with a chat about any expectations and questions you may have, plus a discussion about the process in general. You’ll be reminded that the only suggestion I’ll be making is that you’ll be accessing a ‘past’ life during your regression, and that there is absolutely no need for you to re-experience anything uncomfortable. You’ll be in control at all times and aware at all times. You’ll then be invited to enjoy relaxing in a super-comfortable and snug zero-gravity chair for your regression. After a guided relaxation we’ll enter the regression part of your session, which will be an un-scripted two-way exploratory discussion. I’ll make notes and you’re welcome to record your session.

Session length 1.5-2hours exchange $175. Bank details available upon request if you’d prefer a direct transfer. Location Aberfoyle Park studio.

Please check your inbox after booking submission. You will be asked to make contact with your preference for appointment day and timing. Please note cancellation policy for all circles, groups and private appointments which you will be asked to accept at time of booking. If you have any questions then just ask – contact Elizabeth


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