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EFT combines spoken words with acupressure – tapping along meridian points of the face.

Sessions include a combination of EFT and FasterEFT (Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations) techniques. Differences between the two systems include a cycle of fewer acupressure points in FasterEFT, and the use of a key component of EFT in identifying, and using, the recipients own language – which could be seen as more emotion-fueled, and thus effective. FasterEFT seeks to clear the emotional charge of a memory by reprogramming the way the subconscious responds to the trigger of it. EFT seeks to clear the energy disturbance of the memory within the body.

Everything is energy – including our thoughts and emotions – these hold an energetic charge within the body. Along with the support of EFT and FasterEFT techniques, awareness and choice allows healing to take place as these energetic charges are released. This deep healing begins the moment you set the intention of allowing it to happen.

Initial session 1.5hrs $150, follow-up sessions 1hr $100. Location Aberfoyle Park studio. 

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