2020 Gift Package – Tarot & Soul Art Mandala Reading : 12-month year projection

$280.00 $220.00


2020 Gift Package Tarot and Soul Art Mandala Readings

2020 Gifting Packages available now combining a 12-month year projection Tarot Reading with a Soul Art Mandala Graphical Reading to really support you over the upcoming year. Great as gifts – why not gift yourself too!

Please note that this combined gift package is for an online Tarot Reading delivered to your inbox and an A4 inked Soul Art Mandala with written interpretation. Each are available separately at reduced pricing until the end of January 2020, plus additional upgrade options for the Soul Art Mandala Reading element if you’d prefer full-colour and/or a larger size. Postage is also available at an additional cost if you’re unable to collect your Soul Art Mandala from Happy Valley, Adelaide.

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Through the Tarot element you’ll discover what each month may hold in store for you during the year ahead. Awareness helps you to navigate your way through life more effortlessly.

Gain in-depth insight and guidance from a thorough written report – delivered to your inbox and perfect to refer to time and again.

Supported by crystalline Earth energies intuitively selected for you.

Your written report will include visuals of the cards drawn.


Your Soul Art Mandala is a channelled form of graphical reading that bypasses the conscious mind, and speaks directly to the Soul. Your mandala will be accompanied by a full written interpretation of the symbology held within, as channelled during creation.

Several hours goes into hand drawing/painting each mandala and you’ll have the ongoing joy of a beautiful piece of personalised art to enjoy for years to come.

I work with the assistance of many spiritual guides and incorporate vibrational crystalline energies, numerology, colour energy, ancient symbology and so much more in all aspects of my work. Soul Art Mandalas can be incredibly insightful and the written interpretation is there for you to refer back to time and again as you continue to work with and enjoy your mandala.

A great tool to support you on all levels throughout the upcoming year.


Please check your inbox after payment submission – you will be asked to provide your full name, date of birth and a photograph showing your face.  The Tarot element will be delivered to your inbox when complete. The Soul Art Mandala element will be available for collection from Happy Valley, Adelaide, Australia when complete. Please note readings cancellation policy which you will be asked to accept at time of booking. If you have any questions then please just ask – contact Elizabeth


Bank details available upon request if you’d prefer to make a direct transfer.


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