Past Life Regression Therapy Adelaide

Past Life Regression Adelaide Elizabeth James Lotus StarA talking therapy whereby a light hypnotic trance state of relaxation is induced using guided imagery. The session is then interactive as we explore together to unlock the priority cell memory of the time, place and situation that is being recalled. 

One or more past life may be accessed during a session and it is important to have no expectation. Each regression is different, and holds great potential of enabling you to discover – and resolve – issues that may be affecting your present-day life. A great sense of clarity can be achieved – the healing can happen – which in turn leads to a calmer, more balanced state.

Past lives help form what each individual is today, and you don’t even need to have a belief attached to reincarnation in order for regression therapy to be effective.

It’s worth noting that the word ‘past’ implies a linear process – that the flow of time is sequential – that we experience life as a series of events which occur one after the other. However, in regression therapy there can be no assumption that time is linear in this way. It is therefore widely accepted in the scientific community that parallel universes may exist and that linear time, as we understand it, may be far more complex than has always been believed. One way to look at it is to say that it is possible to move backwards and forwards along the time line of the soul to the point when events occurred. It is through accessing the recall of those events that we can explore and settle them within the psyche, and this in turn can have lasting effect in the present-day lifetime.

It’s also important to note that there is NO use of suggestion during sessions. Any memories of past lives arise from within the client’s unconscious, not through suggestion on the part of the therapist.

Regression therapy is very powerful at identifying and clearing long-standing and repeating patterns of behaviour, aversions, or phobias, also for releasing karmic contracts and ties that no longer serve. Insights and intention can lead to powerful shifts, affecting real lasting change.

Clients also find it fascinating to explore past times and previous lifetimes – receive answers to questions if you find yourself drawn to a place, time, or culture, but have never quite understood why. 

Past life work can be so beneficial and can achieve results where many other therapies have been less effective. Therapeutic healing through past life regression is on a deeper and more profound level than that achieved by normal hypnotherapeutic means, working with experiences which occurred when the client lived a different life in a different century.

Everyone has the potential to remember a past life or lives. Each one is a voyage into the unknown for both client and therapist. Together we explore, observe and learn – and herein lies the vast potential of increased awareness, healing and growth.

Allow 1.5-2hrs $175. Location in studio at Aberfoyle Park. 

Appointment availability is posted weekly via the Lotus Star : Embrace Life Facebook page. Please get in touch to request an appointment.

What others have kindly said :

‘I would HIGHLY recommend Past Life Regression with Elizabeth, who creates such a safe environment which allows you to journey deep into your cellular memory. I’m still blown away by the incredible release and healing I was gifted during our recent session. You are amazing Elizabeth!! Thank you.’

‘So much more is seeping into consciousness… a wonderful awakening. Truly indebted. Thank you.’

‘I personally recommend Elizabeth James from Lotus Star Embrace Life. Absolutely incredible experience. Elizabeth is incredibly skilled at supporting you during your journeying and she also has an anti-gravity chair so you feel weightless and floating – I believe this really assists in being able to regress and tap into past life.’

‘Elizabeth is a gifted healer and gorgeous soul. If you are in need of some guidance or a pick me up….book in.’

‘A real treat awaits you as Elizabeth James is a very talented healer.’

‘Elizabeth James is truly gifted and shares her gifts with the utmost integrity, wisdom and compassion. Elizabeth is highly intuitive and I can personally sing the praises of her crystal work, past life regressions, Reiki, dowsing, numerological reports and her card readings. Phew!!! The perfect practitioner for people new to these treatments through to those who have been benefiting from them for years. Enjoy!’

‘Just wanted to reach out and thank you again for yesterday. I was out like a light last night.’

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