Lessons of the Badger : Animal Spirit : Medicine Wheel

I have been working with the Medicine Wheel for 12 months now, each month working with the corresponding energies associated with a stone on the wheel and supported by the energies of a different Animal Spirit.

March brings lessons of the Badger. As I drew the Badger card I instantly felt a comfort – a familiarity which I thought came from my UK connections. The Badger instantly brought back childhood memories of exploring Delamere Forest near my hometown in Cheshire. He felt warm and cuddly. Then as I read on the Animal Spirit of Badger, I knew this was going to be yet another big month of deep lessons and healing : my aim is to tame the Badger – which I now see as a representation of my inner rage.

I resonate most with the work of Steven D. Farmer and work with several of his books and oracle decks. Extracted from his book ‘Animal Spirit Guides’ :

If BADGER shows up it means:

  • You must be persistent and stick with your project to its completion no matter what.
  • Be willing to ferociously defend your beliefs and principles and meet any challenges or criticism head-on.
  • It’s time to stop your delay and avoidance tactics and get on with what you know you need to do.
  • Stop always depending on others then resenting them when they don’t come through, and trust that you have the capability to be self-reliant.
  • Tune your anger and aggression into constructive action without cutting others to shreds.

Dolphin also supports me this month : Gentle and non-verbal communication.

I’ve had a contemplative time so far this month working with these awesome energies. I don’t know why, after 12 months, I’m still blown away every time I read up on the energies of a particular Animal Spirit after welcoming in its guidance and support : the clarity and comfort I’ve found from this journey continues to be completely awesome. In recent months I’ve also felt the breakthrough and advancement as I’ve really understood the lessons and done the supporting energetic work.

For the first time this month I’ve also researched deeper into the Medicine Wheel – it’s layout, symbolism, use etc. I knew I was a member of the Thunderbird Hawk family or clan – although admittedly, don’t yet fully understand what that means – and it was further confirming of the month ahead to see that Dolphin’s stone sits on the Thunderbird line. Slowly I’m piecing things together.

In The Circle We Are All Equal ,When in the circle, no one is in front, no one is behind, no one is above, no one is below.I am so grateful to my teachers : for the space they create and hold, for the wisdom shared and to the Circle.

Much more to come on this subject as I continue to walk The Medicine Wheel.

Thank you thank you ♥







Badger photo credit: Peter G Trimming via Visualhunt.com / CC BY

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