Crystal Kidz Class Adelaide

Crystal Kidz Class Adelaide


Join me for a fun morning learning about and playing with Crystal Earth Treasures ♥

In a safe and welcoming space your child is invited to experience the following :

  • How to choose, cleanse, store and work with crystals
  • How to use oracle cards
  • How to build a ‘wishing’ crystal grid
  • Chakra discovery
  • Mini crystal meditation

I’m so overjoyed about this one! Crystals have been a steady presence in my life for almost 20 years, and I LOVE to share in their wisdom. As a Mother myself, I know all too well how the younger ones are magnetically drawn to their magical lore. I’m so excited for our future with this next generation blossoming into our world, and it continues to be an absolute joy and honour to support them – and their families – along their journey.

Crystal Kidz – Crystal Collections

It’s no secret that our kids love collecting Mother Nature’s gifts – from rocks, to feathers, crystals, sticks, leaves, pine cones, and more!

In this Crystal Kidz Class I’ll be sharing how to choose, cleanse, store and work with crystals. We’ll learn about what crystals can help when we’re feeling worried, sleepy, needing to focus on something like a test at school, and other areas of life.

Crystal Kidz – Chakra Discovery

Knowing ourselves more deeply can help us better navigate life and bring a reassuring sense of calm, self-worth, self-love. We become empowered in our choices and self-care.

I’ll be sharing a Chakra Discovery with the children and equipping them with some powerful affirmations and colour-breath exercises that will support them for life.

Crystal Kidz – Crystal Meditation

We’ll be embarking on a gentle guided meditation journey to explore a crystalline kingdom.

The world increasingly demands more of us and our children. Mindful Meditation is a powerful tool that helps with relaxation, stress reduction, better sleep, improved memory, focus and awareness.

Meditation is a state of thoughtful awareness, and being mindful simply means being conscious and present in the here and NOW moment.

I’m keeping this one short at 2 hours and suggesting attendance of ages 7-12 years, although you of course know your child best and all are welcome. Although only relatively short, please bear in mind that during the class we’ll be sharing a guided meditation which will call for quiet focus.

Adults are more than welcome to stay and support, or you may prefer to enjoy one of the coffee shops and stores on the main O’Halloran Hill shopping strip. I have full police clearance if you’d like to leave your child unattended and know they will be comfortable without you there.

When and where :

TBC July 2020 10am-12noon

‘The Red Shed’ at Hilltop Natural Therapies, 75 Main South Rd, O’Halloran Hill 5158

Exchange :

$35 with take-home info-sheet and crystal gift. Bank details are available if you prefer a direct transfer.

Water, rice crackers, fruit and veggie snacks provided, including tea and coffee for the big kidz.

If unable to attend you are welcome to transfer your child’s place to another. Please note terms for all workshops which you’ll be asked to accept upon booking.

Crystal Kidz Class Adelaide