Create Your Own Shamanic Medicine Talking Prayer Stick Workshop Adelaide

Create Your Own Talking Stick Shamanic Workshop Adelaide

Anyone who’s attended any of my circles will have experienced the magick of a Talking Stick. A potent and powerful sacred tool, useful in any gathering and conversation – and all ages – at home, in the workplace, for classes, group facilitation and so much more!

Whoever holds the Talking Stick, has within their hands the sacred power of words – only the one who holds the stick may speak, but must speak the truth about personal understanding and experience.

The Talking Stick, used in many cultures, is an ancient and powerful Shamanic tool that aids communication. The use of a Talking Stick establishes a code of conduct of respect during discussions.

The person holding the stick, and only that person, has the right to speak, and all others are called to listen quietly and respectfully.

The Talking Stick teaches us to honour everyone’s sacred point of view.

Equally as potent and useful on an individual basis as a Medicine Prayer Stick.

Join me in a small group setting as you craft your own beautiful and personalised Talking Prayer Stick. All materials and full guidance provided as you undertake the journey to birthing this personal and sacred tool.

When : Now scheduling small groups upon demand at Happy Valley on dates to suit – please contact me if interested in attending. I’m more than happy to travel to your own group if local to Adelaide.

Exchange : $95 per person payable as $30 deposit and $65 due on the day. with all materials and afternoon tea included. Bank details are available if you prefer a direct transfer.

Your Talking Prayer Stick will be birthed from the Pine tree – symbolism of Birth, Abundance, Health, Fertility, Fortune, Love. It’ll be topped with a directional crystal point, with other crystals included to support grounded heartfelt expression. You are of course welcome to collect and provide your own stick. 

Feathers, cords, wire, beads, crystals, findings and pretty things will all be provided, along with a choice of sticks of course.

Please feel free to gather and bring any of your own sacred items you may like to include – suggestions of feathers, cord, crystals, amulets/totems, beads etc.

This will be a hands on workshop with full support as you completely customise and birth your own sacred Talking Prayer Stick.

We’ll finish the workshop by cleansing, activating and blessing our Talking Prayer Sticks.

Afternoon tea will be provided.


Please note workshop booking terms which you will be asked to sign upon registration.

With love and gratitude, it is an honour to share and support xx Elizabeth xx

Create Your Own Talking Stick Shamanic Workshop Adelaide