66-Day-Challenge : Day 28

Evidence suggests that it takes just 66 days to form a new habit. Supported with coaching and FasterEFT by the lovely Danielle of Freedom Therapy, I’m undertaking my first 66-Day Challenge. I’ll be posting my progress regularly more as a motivational tool to myself – to keep up the momentum. Here are my goals:

  1. Get to bed before midnight!
  2. Meditate or read for 20 minutes daily
  3. Drink at least 1.5l of water daily
  4. Do something creative – preferably a doodle a day if nothing else
  5. Listen more

Day 28 Update

My goals are feeling more like habit now and on the days when I don’t manage a particular goal – or more – you know what?! I’m totally cool with that. I don’t in any way beat myself up over it but instead allow the thoughts to enter my awareness, give thanks, and allow them to float along.

I’m really, REALLY enjoying reading and meditating more than I’ve ever done in my life and I’m feeling the benefits. I recently finished reading ‘The Journey Home – A Kryon Parable’ by Lee Carroll and have moved straight onto ‘Earth Magic’ by Steven D. Farmer – both have supported me in moving forward on my personal journey and I am drawing great comfort from the learning I’m finally allowing myself to undertake. Meditation journeys are of course supporting and allowing me to process and integrate as well as allowing myself the opportunity to re-align.

On a physical level, I’m not sure I’m feeling any better because of the water because I’ve been battling another sugar addiction at the same time – self sabotage perhaps? Something I’ll be tapping on during my next FasterEFT session with Danielle. In the meantime I’m simply trying to abstain from buying the crappy ‘foods’ I know I shouldn’t be eating. It’s helped that I’ve developed a complete aversion to heavy meat and processed foods. Just need to avoid the cake and chocolate!!!

I’ve been eating more fruit and vegetables and finding that I want more of it – my body is craving them which I’ve found a strange sensation seeing as I’ve never really eaten much fruit my whole life. And last week I finally made the shift to organic fruit and vegetables from a local supplier – Family Organics. I’ve been keeping my eye out for work I could carry out around my daughter’s school hours and came across a post by Family Organics saying they were looking for local drivers. Well – the rest is history! I exchange an hour of my time for a box of yummy, healthy organic fruit and vegetables and do you know what – they taste better, last longer and I can feel them nourishing my body. I am so grateful for this journey that has allowed me not only to recognise one of life’s synchronistic prompts – but to have the courage to follow it.

Getting to bed at a more reasonable hour is also serving me very well – with all the personal work and influences of planetary energies currently buzzing around I’ve needed to listen to my body and stop when it tells me so.

Listening is also coming more easily and I’m enjoying a closer relationship with my girl which I believe is as a result. I think I’m getting better at catching myself as I realise I’m listening to reply – rather than really listening and taking in what another is saying.

I connected with my self confidence last week (with the persona and Animal Spirit energy of Gorilla – more to follow on this) and think that as I continue to strengthen my connection with Self, my communication skills will continue to improve as I continue to remove my apparent need to fill spaces with sound, the need to feel accepted and the need to impress : all illusions of course!

For those who are following my journey I thank you for reading ♥

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