66-Day-Challenge : Always learning : Always growing

aints and Angels Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue

In February (2015) I spoke about the 66-Day Challenge I was undertaking with the support of FasterEFT and the lovely Danielle of Freedom Therapy. Evidence suggests that it takes just 66 days to form a new habit – the concept is that if you can do something regularly then after 66 days it’ll become a natural habit. I set myself 5 goals (listed  below) and challenged myself to try daily in an attempt to form the habits. I stopped tracking my progress around the midway point although my goals were never far from mind and although it’s taken me a while to return with my reflection, I do believe that the habits have formed and continue to develop – how marvelous!

These were my goals:

  1. Get to bed before midnight!
  2. Meditate or read for 20 minutes daily
  3. Drink at least 1.5l of water daily
  4. Do something creative – preferably a doodle a day if nothing else
  5. Listen more

Reflection and sharing :

Now several months on I am happy to report that my body clock has shifted entirely to a more humane bedtime. I’ve always been a night owl and for as long as I can remember I’ve worked through till the early hours – my natural rhythm usually kicking in around 1am. Part of the reasoning behind my move to Australia was a commitment to myself to adopt a healthier lifestyle – I knew that if I continued with the way I was pushing myself in the UK that it could only lead to illness. I consciously embraced motherhood (after being very career-driven for as long as I could remember – I started working at the age of 14 and have always striven for progression) and have spent the past 5 years moulding my life to how I want it to be – for the sake of my health and the well-being of my daughter – and the health of my marriage too of course!

I now simply cannot function on the very little sleep that I used to. I also recognise that I am unable to parent consciously when I am sleep deprived and that was all I needed to remind myself of for motivation when I found myself plodding on at some ungodly hour! I really limit scheduling work during evening hours now and prioritise time for nurturing me – this is where my reading/meditation/creative goals come in. They became easy to achieve once I realised that I needed to first look after me in order to be a ‘better’ (if such a thing exists – we all do the best we can at any time) parent for my girl. I thank her every day for gifting me the motivation to face these lessons.

I’m sure to listen to my own body and intuition now. If I’m not feeling something then I allow myself permission to not go there. And be ok with that. Things can and will wait and if something is worth doing then it’s worth giving my 100%. I’m honest with myself and others and I see this as one of my gifts.

It took me a while to adjust to where I am at now. I found myself fighting everyone and everything with a blaming attitude directed towards what felt like obstacles repeatedly holding me back from my work. The breakthrough came when I realised that EVERY goal I was fighting against – and I mean work-related goals here not my 66-day-challenge goals – was self-imposed. I was the one who’d set my own deadlines. I’d been so driven in my move to Australia and had of course mapped out a little master plan of how it was going to be once I had arrived. I’d worked so hard to get to this point and I deserved to succeed dammit! Well… a little bit of yes and a little bit of no here. I HAD worked hard and I DO of course deserve to succeed – as do we all – BUT – the mentality was that of victimhood – that I was trying and trying and felt I was getting nowhere; that one thing after another was preventing me from progressing. That I was lacking. Therein lay the fear. That I had no control. That I was going to fail.

Once I’d come to appreciate the logic of this lesson, I no longer needed to remind myself daily and achieving my goals started to come naturally. I now recognise that seeing something as a ‘challenge’ is merely a perception.

Throughout my 66 days I was actively attending the FasterEFT sessions with Danielle and fully assigning myself over to dealing with – and clearing – whatever came up for me. Alongside this I attended two Past Life Regression sessions with Grandmother Christine Sinclair and I was actively working with the Medicine Wheel (see related articles on my reflections of working with Badger). It was time to break through. I committed myself to this. And broken through I have – at least to the point of being ready to share my story so far.

Now I’m not being naive with my last statement of ‘hurrah – I’ve reached the destination!’ – I have come to a place of recognition that my journey of learning and growth is ongoing – there is no destination. I do however feel it’s important to give recognition and self-praise for progression. After all this has in no way been a smooth and easy journey! But it’s been an awesome journey and I already know that there’s plenty more magic to come. For now, in this present moment, I shall sit and smile at how far I’ve come.

I now drink more water, eat healthier foods, allow proper rest for my mind and body, make time for play and joy in my life, remember to smile and every now and then I realise that I’ve done a great job listening more throughout my day. Pretty good hey?!

Going forward :

I already feel like a different person to who I was just months ago and my work has taken on a whole new level. I live now being mindful of how I talk to myself and others and I’ve stepped out of my emigration bubble and back into public display through my Mindful Meditation groups and Zentangle® and Doodle Art Workshops. I’ve even started working with children through my Kids Art Club – how wonderful!

I feel I have a closer relationship with my daughter and I feel healthier and well within myself on all levels. I have tools now that I can go to whenever I feel the need. I create art after previously writing off my talents years ago and I’ve been blessed in seeing my work go off to new homes to be enjoyed by others.

I am in awe of how my life has changed when I sit back and reflect.

Undertaking this 66-day-challenge has merely been one part of this roller coaster. But an important part nonetheless. I am thankful every day to those who have – and continue – to support me on my journey.

I’m now in the process of writing about how I’ve improved my family’s health, nutrition and general wellness – all part of my overall change in lifestyle and supportive to the journey I’ve shared here. And today I start a new 66-Day-Adventure with a new set of goals. Always learning : Always growing.

The reason I share is to inspire. Thank you for reading and if anything I’ve shared raises a question for you then please be sure to get in touch

By Elizabeth James, Lotus Star : Embrace Life, Adelaide

Lotus Star : Holistic Health and Well-being

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Image featured cards from the ‘Saints and Angels Oracle Cards’ deck by Doreen Virtue.

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